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Portable Ice Cube Makers: Which Is The Best?

What is the best portable ice maker for home use and how much does it cost to operate? Well, finding the best portable ice maker is mostly a matter of opinion, however, one of the most popular and highly rated countertop ice machines would be the NewAir AI100 Series of Portable Ice Makers. Here, we will specifically discuss the AI100R (reviewed here).

This ice maker works very efficiently and will make your ice in a matter of minutes. If you are constantly craving the nice, crunchy taste of ice than you should definitely consider purchasing it. This machine is known to be the best because of its great appearance making it attractive in any home, its compact size, and, of course, its ability to produce ice quickly and efficiently.

More Reasons This Ice Cube Maker Series Is Top Rated

Newair AI-100RThe NewAir AI100R can fulfill anybody’s desire for ice. It is also very easy to use. It has a soft-touch control panel that makes programming it a lot easier, as well. Furthermore, this ice cube machine was not only marked as one of the best portable ice makers because of it being easy to use, but also because of the fact that it is very helpful in more than one way regarding its appearance. How can the appearance of an ice maker come in handy? Well, to start with, this particular model is red, but in the series you can get machines made of stainless steel so that it is very attractive in any home. The sleek stainless steel finish allows it to blend in with the rest of your appliances without standing out too much.

Secondly, there is a viewing window. Do not underestimate this viewing window; it makes it so that you can see how much ice is produced without having to open up the lid, thus causing the ice to melt. Now your ice will simply remain frozen for much longer. Another thing that the appearance of this lovely ice maker can help with would be the fact that it is a fare, compact size. This makes it very easy to store in your cupboard or simply leave out on your counter without looking silly.

That is not all, however. There is more that makes this particular ice maker the best. For one, the reservoir is a great size being one gallon. This makes it so that you can prepare ice and have it ready without having to constantly refill the reservoir. Also, there is no use for a drain. This portable ice maker simply reuses the unused water from the reservoir to produce more ice once yours is all gone (although there is a drain of course).   As far as cleaning goes for the NewAir AI100R 28-pound ice cube maker, it is very simple and considering the fact that the size of the portable ice maker is fare and compact, it is challenge free to clean it.

So How Much To Run And Operate One Of These Machines?

Now, ‘what is the best portable ice maker for home use and how much does it cost to operate’ was the original question, yes? So, we answered the first part and decided it to be the NewAir AI100R (or any AI100 Series), but now we want to know how much it costs to operate this system.

Well, to start with, you must first purchase the machine, and this portable ice maker is generally  found under $200 (check the current price for the AI100R with FREE shipping here!) which, in fact, is an excellent price for an ice maker. However, to operate such a system, it uses up 950 Watts, which may cause your electricity bill to go up slightly. Also, if you do not have filtered water to operate the system,  you may have to buy some bottles of water to use in your ice maker which is just another thing to buy. You don’t have to use filtered water, but then you will need to clean the unit a bit more often. Otherwise, that is it… no installation fees, no other overhead other than using some electricity.

Overall, regardless of the little amount of money this machine requires to be operated, the NewAir AI100R is certainly one of the best portable ice makers available on the market today. So, I hope you no longer have to ask yourself, “What is the best portable ice maker for home use and how much does it cost to operate?”

Keep in mind, it is all a matter of opinion, but this product is certainly one of the most popular, and highly rated ice cube makers on

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