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The Best Undercounter Ice Maker Reviews And Information

undercounter built in ice machineAn undercounter ice maker is perfect for a lot of uses. Obviously one of the main reasons you are looking to review and purchase a built in ice machine is because of space issues. There are certainly many positive factors to having a unit that is built right into the counter, and of course there are a few drawbacks as well.

If the purpose of the machine is commercial, you must consider the yield of the machine first and foremost. Not all undercounter ice cube machines are able to produce enough volume to keep up with a really busy restaurant or bar. There are under counter ice machines specifically produced for commercial use, and they are reviewed in this section as well. 

So, the primary function for these kinds of built in machines is to provide ice in usually smaller quantities. This makes them perfect for home use, for your personal bar, and even for use in pubs, bars or restaurants as a secondary unit. The capacity ranges from producing 12 pounds of ice a day (for home use) up to 260 pounds or more a day (obviously for commercial intent). Keep in mind the storage capacity ranges from 12 pounds on the smaller machines, to 75 pounds in the larger variety. These numbers are usually optimal, and unless you have the correct temperature water and ambient air temperature, actual performance will vary. It is therefore a good idea to consider getting a machine that produces more ice than you think you need, just to be safe.

Installation of an undercounter ice maker is no different than other appliances that require a water source. Since they are built in under the counter, the first requirement is space. Most of these kinds of machine can also be considered free standing, so actually building it into existing counters or bars is not necessary. Other than the space and water source, you need one or two more things. A power supply (almost always 120v) and rarely a floor drain. Make sure you read our reviews or the manufacturers manual to see whether the unit you are considering requires a floor drain.

Generally, these types of built in ice maker do not need any clearance to the left or right. They are mostly air cooled (some commercial units are water cooled however) and the air discharge is in the front. This allows the refrigeration to cycle effectively without the unit getting too hot, and allowing installation into tighter areas.

The size of the under counter ice maker is another factor to consider. Most household counters are around 34 to 36 inches in height, and for restaurants or bars the height will vary even more. Make sure you read carefully the dimensions of your prospective machine to ensure it will fit. The average unit is around 33.5 inches, but many of the commercially viable machines are up to 38.5 inches! The are still considered under counter or built in, however the size makes that impractical for most purposes.

For your home, your personal bar or refreshment center, or for your RV (free standing) the NewAir series of undercounter ice makers are perfect. You can read the reviews on these units below. For small restaurants or bars that need additional ice capacity, there are lots of models to choose from and we do our best here at to review those ones as well.


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