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NewAir AI-500SS Undercounter Ice Maker With Stainless Steel Finish

newair-ai-500ss-builtin-ice-machineThis is a review of the NewAir AI-500SS Undercounter Ice Maker With Stainless Steel Finish. This is an impressive under the counter unit, that works quite well, and can be purchased for an amazing price directly from the people who own the NewAir brand by clicking on of the links at the end of this article. This is perhaps the most affordable of built-in machines available. It comes with a sleek stainless steel finish, and therefore looks great anywhere you want to put it. No matter what the ice maker is used for whether that’s your wet bar, RV, kitchen, and so forth, this unit will succeed in it’s duty of keeping you supplied with a steady amount of pure crescent shaped ice. You will find lots of amazing features on this ice making unit, and you can learn all about them if you continue reading.

A clear crescent shaped, tasteless, and solid ice cube is made in one size only on this unit. The ice maker must be connected to a water source, but it can be installed free standing, built in, or even recessed. So many choices! Obviously built-in is the best choice for this type of machine. Want to know something else that is pretty nifty about this ice maker? The stainless steel door on the unit is very flexible, being that it is reversible. This is an especially great quality for an ice maker to have, during installation as you won’t have to worry about space to open the open door.

newair-ai-500ss-openThe NewAir AI-500SS makes ice at a very steady pace, being able to drop a batch of ice every half hour. In one day you can make up to twelve pounds of ice. The bin on this machine is removable, but even though it is insulated, there is no ice storage for the ice on this unit. However, there are other things included with this specific ice maker, like an ice scoop!   The New Air AI-500SS built in ice cube machine isn’t really that large, being only 15.13 x 17.38 x 24.50 inches. It can hold quite a lot of ice though, no problem. The machine itself weighs roughly 50.70 lbs. and can make up to twelve pounds of ice a day.

The outside of this beauty is a sleek stainless steel. When purchasing an ice cube making machine people often look for one in stainless steel because it is durable, and looks great anywhere and everywhere. You can read all the specifications by clicking the link at the bottom of this review.

The Pro’s and Con’s of The AI-500SS Built In Ice Cube Machine

There are so many great things about this ice maker to name off, so below is a list to sum up some of the best qualities.

  • Is stainless steel – this, for some people, is a huge deal. Everyone is very fond of stainless steel because, as mentioned earlier, it is durable, and looks fantastic.
  • Commercial style design – has many of the features more expensive commercial units have, but is affordable and has a great blend of performance and style.
  • Easy to install, as well as maintain – while it is recommended to get a plumber or professional to install this device, all you really need is a place to plug it in and a water line. Most people can do it themselves, saving installation fees!
  • Reversible door – once again, this is a very cool factor, because it leaves for many different options during installation.
  • Makes twelve pounds of ice a day – It might not particularity sound like a bunch, but twelve pounds of ice a day would be plenty enough ice to keep someone going for days. And when the ice bin is full, you will find that the machine automatically turns itself off.
  • Quick operating cycle – it takes roughly half an hour for a complete cycle to finish.

While there are many great thing about this product, there is an amount of draw backs to the NewAir  AI-500SS ice maker as well.

  • No self cleaning function – every once in awhile it would be a good idea to clean the unit, this is for the best ice, and use of the product. Sadly you will have to clean it by hand, for the model has no self clean.
  • Only one ice size – On most other portable ice makers you may find the option of small, medium, or large ice, but there is only the one size cube made from this machine.
  • If not properly maintained you may find the machine has an odor – it is ideal to frequently clean the ice maker, and before use run a couple try outs, of where you would throw the batch of ice made directly away. This prevents any funny tastes, or odors.

And that is about it for the pros and cons.

Real Consumer Opinions On This Unit

The NewAir AI-500SS is most definitely worth the purchase. Written below you will find exactly just what it is people think of this ice making product. These are excerpts from the real reviews!

“For my custom bar, I was looking for a built in ice maker that could fit all my ice needing desires. It turns out this one worked perfectly, and i am very impressed with my decision. Although the installation…” (continue here)

Another great example of a customers opinion on this machine can be read just below.

“Being a commercial style unit, I wasn’t to certain that the ice maker would work as well as a portable one. My worries dissolved as soon as I received my ice maker. It works just as stated. The product was in good condition, and it look great. I would have to say that the…” (more here)


newair-ai-500ss-looks-greatAs you can see this ice making model works great. It is very basic to use, and it looks great. The NewAir AI-500SS Ice Cube Maker is supposed to be installed, but the preparation is easy, and well worth it. Some of the best features, and most mentioned, is the fabulous looks. The stainless steel finish looks great anywhere. Then another great thing about owning one of these units it that you can have some ice whenever you need. And you can have it for your RV, or home, or bar, it can go anywhere you want at all.

As far as inexpensive models go, this is probably the best option. You can almost always find a coupon code or sale going on at Air-n-Water, and they offer free shipping on most NewAir products. What are you waiting for? Buy one today!

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