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Orien FS-260IM Built In Ice Maker with Removable Storage Bin

orien-fs-260im-angledA very promising product that can make ice very well and reliably would be the Orien FS-260IM Built in undercounter ice maker. This machine is a “built in ice maker”, as mentioned by the name, and can go anywhere, such as in your at-home bar, in a commercial restaurant or simply in your kitchen (although that would be a bit of overkill!). As far as self-contained units go, it is actually one of the largest. The ice that this ice maker produces is also of great quality and this it can also produce up to 260 pounds of ice a day! That means that whether you are having a party in which you need nice, cold beverages, or whether you are simply enjoying a glass of water on a hot summer day, you will always have enough ice. Furthermore, to ensure that you always have enough ice, the Orien FS-260IM has a 75 pound holding basket, and the basket is also removable for easy clean. You no longer will ever have to run to the store every time you need ice! Now you can have ice whenever you need it or want it in the comfort of your own home or business. It is considered a residential machine, but is UL-listed for commercial use.

Dimensions And Stats

The dimensions of this ice maker are 24 inches by 24 inches by 33.5 inches. With this in mind, you can already tell that the ice maker is a fairly big size and can definitely produce all of the ice that you will be needing. Since it is fairly large, the Orien FS-260IM Under Counter Ice Maker weighs a total of 144 pounds. This machine also uses 115 volts to operate, and is of good quality. I found a great price on this machine, you can check it out here.

The machine can make a whole batch of ice in under forty minutes. Though, in order for this machine to work to its full potential, it is advised that you use an in-line filter to ensure that no minerals get into the water and ice of your machine. A gravity drain is also required for this ice maker. If there is not a gravity drain available to you for this ice maker, then you will need to purchase a condensate pump to pump the water into a drain or a sink. Also, the ice produced by this machine is clear ice and just like every other machine, or mostly every other ice machine, the ice only comes in one size.

The Pluses and Drawbacks Of The FS-260IM

As everything does, there are many benefits that come along with the purchase of this machine. To start with, this ice maker looks wonderful in any business! It has a stainless casing with a matte black door, a stainless top and sides, and a fully finished black cabinet, all in which matches any theme. Also, you are probably wondering and asking yourself, “If the ice maker produces 260 pounds of ice a day, but only has a 75 pound holding basket, how does it not overflow with ice?” The answer is a simple one. In order to prevent over flows of ice, there is an automatic overflow protection that immediately stops the production of ice once the ice basket is full. This helps to not only make ice production easier and more reliable, but also to help prevent messes and damage to your machine. There is even an ice scoop included with purchase of this product, so accumulating ice is a lot easier.

Another benefit about this unit would be how it is actually a quiet machine. You can obviously hear it when it is in the middle of producing ice, but it is not loud and disruptive. Furthermore, this ice maker is not too expensive, given the fact that it is sleek, modern, and works extremely well and efficiently. One more great benefit towards the Orien FS-260IM is that it has a front breathing cooling system. This means that the ice maker can be used either built in or free-standing!

However, along with benefits there are also drawbacks to this ice maker. Some of the drawbacks include how occasionally the ice does not break, and stays in sheets, but that can easily be surpassed, as you can easily break the ice on your own with one, little whack. Another drawback, that many people dislike, would be the fact that there is nowhere for the ice scoop that comes with the ice machine to go. This means that you need to find a place in a nearby cupboard or elsewhere to put it, which can be inconvenient.

Some Excellent Consumer Opinions

orien-fs-260imLet’s see what other people have to say about this ice maker:

“I am so glad that I never have to run elsewhere to buy ice for my business. It used to be a pain, but since I purchased this machine I have been very happy. In fact, one thing I’d love to mention is…”

“This ice maker has been of a great convenience for me! I often have company, and it is very helpful that I now always have ice ready for when they want some in their beverages. I do not even…”

You can read more customer reviews right here!

The Final Say

Taking into consideration all of the benefits and drawbacks of this ice maker, it is rated a great 4 out of 5 stars, and is not even that expensive considering how well it works and that it is really intended for commercial use. Overall, the Orien FS-260IM undercounter ice machine is a very promising, stylish, sleek, reliable ice maker, and is definitely worth the money spent. You definitely should consider purchasing this ice maker if you need ice for your bar or restaurant or even your home. The warranty on this machine is a year long warranty, which is considered average.

So, if you are looking for an ice maker that is reliable and that fits in with your unique home theme, this is probably the ice maker for you!

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