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Commercial Ice Maker Reviews And Sales

Commercial Ice Makers For SaleA commercial ice maker is needed when your ice demands exceed the production capacity of a household or regular ice making machine. If you have a small or large restaurant, a hotel or a pub or bar then chances are you need a commercial ice machine that can produce a large amount, and store it.

An interesting fact is that 80% of all commercial grade ice cube machines for sale are sold in the USA. In other parts of the world these units are not as common, as businesses rely mainly on block ice producers who  can shave (flake) the stuff and thus buy it wholesale. Most of the 20% remaining in the other parts of the world go to large hotels and resorts who need ice for various reasons, cooling clients drinks being one of them!

In any case, there is no need to go into exactly why you want to purchase one of these machines as you have likely made your decision to invest already, and just need to decide exactly what kind of commercial ice maker you need. In order to make the best investment for your business, there are a few vital things to consider, and once that is finished there are a considerable amount of optional and supplementary factors you can include in your decision as well. Let’s get started!

How Much Ice Do You Really Need Per Day?

The peak consumption of ice in a given day is the least amount of ice you’d need on hand. The harvest cycle on commercial ice makers is rated by how many pounds it can produce in 24 hours. Storage capacity is also a factor, obviously you’d need to actually have the majority of the ice ready!

Some quick ideas of what you could consider a decent guideline for certain businesses ice needs are:

  • Restaurants: Count on about 1.5 pounds of ice per seat.
  • Salad or Seafood Display: About 25 pounds per cubic foot.
  • Fast Food Restaurant: 3 pounds per 10 transactions.
  • Bar/Pub/Cocktail Lounge: 3 pounds of ice per seat.

Where Are You Going To Put The Ice Machine?

A commercial ice maker is not a small appliance! They can be quite large, especially since most have a storage unit built in. You must carefully measure the area you plan to install the machine, and account for some small variance just in case.

Other things to consider when planning your installation is power availability, proper drainage for the storage bin as well the harvester (and if it is a water cooled condenser) and of course a water source able to provide the proper PSI (again don’t forget about the water cooled condenser!).

What Kind Of Ice Cube Machine Do You Require?

The self contained unit, or the integrated unit is definitely the preferred choice in most cases. These are the easiest to install and there is no fuss about making sure the storage bin is the right size, is vented etc. Of course that means your ice production is fixed, there is no simple way to increase either amount produced or stored. In some cases, a modular design could be considered so you could add to your ice making capacity.

Next is the condenser type. There are 3 varieties: Air cooled, water cooled, and remote air or water cooled. Generally we cover the air or water cooled commercial ice machines for sale, so remote cooling is not something we will discuss here.

The remaining cooling systems have a few positives and a few negatives each.

Air cooled condensers are cheaper right off the bat, however they cost more to operate energy wise so over time you won’t save money. Another pro is that you don’t need to split the water line or provide drainage just proper ventilation. The final downside is air cooled machines are noisier.

Water cooled condensers are cheaper to run in the long term electricity wise (but if you pay for water usage, it could cost way more than air cooled machines) and of course cost a bit more to start with. They require a bit more installation work, and sometimes extra drainage. Finally, they are generally very quiet.

Reviews Of Ice Cube Makers Intended For Commercial Use

Below are some reviews of commercial ice makers for sale. In the reviews, you will find basic information regarding condenser type, ease of install, capacity etc. You will also find some articles that compare various machines of similar price ranges so you can be sure get the best deal out of your investment. The major brands are represented, and in the reviews you will find excellent deals and incentives that reduce the MSRP by up to 30% off!

After 20 years in the food service industry, I have personally worked with (and on) virtually every brand of commercial ice maker there is, from Hoshizaki to Manitowac to Ice-O-Matic. You can trust that each review at Ice Maker Mania is unbiased and often based on real world experiences.


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