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Manitowoc Q130 Under Counter Commercial Ice Machine

manitowoc-q130-commercial-machineThe Manitowoc Q130 Series Under Counter ice cube making machine is a commercial unit. The ice maker can be installed in many places, including under the counter. It even has an angled plug to help install it virtually anywhere. The capacity for such a small machine proves it is a workhorse: it can make 135 pounds of ice a day, and the storage bin is capable of holding 80 pounds at a time. Aside from having to be attached to a filtered water source, there is not much else needed before installing it. Continue reading to learn more about the machine!

Features And Specifications

Ice is the most important component of any business that serves food and drinks. A self contained ice making machine makes the perfect ice for any occasion. The 135Lb a day, Self-contained Full Cube Ice machine – Q130 series –  is a perfect choice for small bars, cafes or businesses that don’t need much ice or to serve as a backup for larger machines. They are precision engineered with an incredible array of practical features to assure excellent reliability and will never let you down. The total dimensions of the ice maker is 26.50”  x 26” x 38.50”, and weighs roughly 153lbs.

  • Capacity: This 135lb a day self-contained ice making machine ensures stable and quality production of ice for smaller business or as a backup for larger ice cube machines.
  • Vertical evaporator: This machine ensures high efficiency due to the vertical flow of evaporator plates. The vertical evaporator technology boosts the power of ice making. The removable anti-bacterial air filter prevents dust and grease from clogging the condenser coil.
  • Self cleaning system: The self cleaning feature implemented in this machine keeps the ice making machines’ interior clean and sanitized by incorporating the use of an approved sanitizer. This is possible by just the touch of a button. This system ensures that the machine produces pure ice free from any impurities. It also reduces the need for expensive maintenance and repairs.
  • Ease of installation: This unit can be easily installed under any counter or just as a standalone unit with a simple 115 volt plug in device. This is a great unit for coffee-shops, break rooms, cafes, offices, wait stations, entertainment venues and bars where small amount of ice is needed to be produced.
  • Durability: The stainless steel construction assures excellent durability and years of extended life and service. They are exclusively designed and built tough incorporating corrosion proof stainless steel inside and out. This quality craftsmanship also assures an aesthetic appearance and also ensures easier cleaning.
  • Easy maintenance: The internal parts can also be easily removed and cleaned. This helps you to follow a systematic and routine cleaning regime.
  • Warranty: Manitowoc has one of the best warranties in the business. You can’t go wrong here.

The speed of the ice machine looks approximately like this:

  • To start up after the automatic shut down takes roughly fifteen seconds.
  • It now takes another five seconds to start up the refrigeration.
  • The next stage is to chill, which takes 30 seconds.
  • Another seven seconds from when the water and cool air meet is needed for this stage in the ice making level then 11 minutes to freeze.
  • As soon as the bin switch is activated you can help yourself to the batch of ice.
  • The automatic shut off happens once the bin door is closed.

Pro’s and Con’s Of the Q130

To help you sort through all the features, good and bad, of the Manitowoc Q130, please continue. To start with, here are all the great things everyone loves when purchasing this ice making unit:

  • The Bins’ door is able to be pulled out and up in such a way that you can access all of your ice.
  • Is very easily installed in compact spaces because of its convenient plug of which can be turned to fit in any which way.
  • Can store up to a whopping 80 pounds of ice, and can make up to 135 pounds a day.
  • Is a commercial style unit, and is very sleek, shiny, and works efficiently.
  • Includes a self cleaning and sanitizing technology.
  • Has a long power chord length (84”)
  • Can come in not only the air cooled model, but you have the choice between the water cooled model as well.
  • Includes a generous warranty, of up to 5 years on parts.

And then you also have the basic features that are always useful, like the automatic overflow button, the automatic shut off, and the list of those type of features that can be found here:.

Now that you have learned of all the best things that the Manitowoc Q130 is about, here is a list of some of the minor problems.

  • Only one size of ice cube. This is common among commercial ice machines, yet worth noting.
  • Needs to be cleaned. The self cleaning cycle is great, and will keep your Q130 working for a decade, but ONLY if you use it regularly like you should!

Who Will Buy This Product?

This ice maker is an excellent buy for those engaged in manufacturing ice for small business establishments like cafes, break rooms, convenience stores, restaurants or local pubs. Moreover for those who are on the lookout for increased sanitation and improved ice quality this is an ideal choice. Those who are engaged in smaller volume ice production and who want a backup for larger machines in case of break down can definitely opt for this unit.

Is It Good Value For The Money?

The stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant inside and out, ensures durability and longevity. This assures that it is worthwhile investment. Moreover the self-cleaning mechanism washes away impurities and leaves only pure water to be frozen. This reduces the need for any maintenance and heavy repair costs. This unique feature assures excellent value for your hard earned money.


This self contained ice making machine is a perfect choice for small sized food business ventures. It is indeed touted to be efficient, reliable and extremely durable to last a life time. Buy one today and experience the difference!

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