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EdgeStar Ice Cube Maker Reviews

EdgeStar is actually a brand that is related to parent company called living Direct, Inc. In fact, the parent company also controls KoldFront.

As a leader in the small, compact appliance market, they attempt to promote their customer service and quality products to gain market share. While the portable ice makers EdgeStar produces aren’t the absolute best compared to some other manufacturers, consumer reviews do prove that the product is above average. Keep in mind while reading reviews that EdgeStar and KoldFront are from the same company!

Aside from ice makers, EdgeStar makes numerous appliances like freezers and ice-cream makers, as well as beverage coolers, air quality products, kegerators and even a few outdoor appliances.

EdgeStar does have a decent footprint in the ice maker market. Aside from the portable machines they offer, they also provide a wide range of commercial ice makers, as well as built-in varieties of ice cube machines.

Their offerings in the countertop market are varied. Most models have common specifications like low water indicators, ice scoops, common input voltage (115v/60hz), cover windows and more. The price direct from EdgeStar are rather high compared to the low prices and great deals you can get from online retailers like

Our EdgeStar and all other portable ice maker reviews are completely unbiased, and Ice Maker Mania does not get any compensation from Living Direct, Inc. or any of their affiliate companies.

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