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EdgeStar IP210SS Portable Ice Maker Review

EdgeStar-IP210SS-portable-ice-maker-reviewThe EdgeStar portable stainless steel ice maker is a quick, efficient machine. It is a durable, well designed, small ice maker that can prepare ice in-between 6 and 10 minutes. Being model IP210SS, this ice machine fits perfectly on any counter and is great for producing ice for parties, or just for putting in your beverages. This model (IP210SS) is not the most popular from this brand, despite it’s distinction as a “best pick” compared to other models in it’s price range. You can read more EdgeStar reviews on our site.

Its sleek, stainless steel outer appearance also can make it look good in any home. It matches everything that can possibly be in your kitchen, which is a great benefit, and is a must have product. It is not too large, yet large enough to produce a reasonable amount of ice at once. This product is ideal to have if you want it so you can add ice to a few drinks, sodas, or even if you just simply like to have some nice, ice cold water. During the summer the EdgeStar IP210SS is fantastic for all of the cool beverages one likes to consume, however, it may not come in super handy during the winter time, but it is still a fabulous product.

The price is competitive with other compact ice cube machines, and can usually be found with free shipping or at a discount price. To check shipping and price options on this ice machine at on, scroll to the bottom and click the image.

EdgeStar IP210SS Features

This EdgeStar countertop ice maker is a small, compact ice maker that stands to be just less than 15 inches in height: the perfect size for sitting on the counter. The IP210SS’s dimensions are 15”H x 11¾”W x 14½”D. The controls are easy to use, you just use the buttons to select the kind of ice cube you prefer. Small, colored LED’s tell you the machine is working and what setting is is currently on.

Throughout a day it can make up to 28 pounds of ice: 2 pounds at a time. The ice produced by this ice machine comes in three different sizes, small, medium, and large, and can be produced in under 10 minutes! Weighing approximately 40 pounds, this countertop ice machine is a true commercial-grade stainless steel product. However! It is worth noting the EdgeStar IP210SS1 reviewed here is a better machine overall, and cheaper!

What Do Consumers Say About This Ice Machine

Consumers opinions are very important when searching out information before making a purchase. Reading portable ice maker reviews is a great step in seeing what ice machine will meet your needs. Here are some excerpts from other consumers who have bought the EdgeStar  IP210SS machine:

“The EdgeStar Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker produces ice in different sizes quite quickly. It is an awesome ice machine and works exactly how it was shown in the advertisements. I personally highly appreciate this ice maker because of its…” (read more at

Pros: The Positives Of This Ice Cube Machine

  • Water can be “recycled” and re-used once the ice melts in the machine. Of course that is the same with nearly all portable ice makers.
  •  Includes easy to use electric controls with LED’s so you know what options are selected.
  • Produces approximately 28 pounds of ice a day, which is ample for most applications.
  • Can produce more than one size of ice (3 to be exact).
  • Easy to access drain plug; some different brands are a chore to drain excess water.
  • Is a very efficient ice maker as far as energy consumption.
  • Produces ice quickly (6-10 minutes a cycle depending on factors such as ambient air temperature).
  • Matches pretty much anything due to its color (stainless steel!).

Cons: And Now The Negatives

  •  Smells bad upon first use for a few days, but this was only reported very infrequently.
  • Due to poor smell, ice tastes bad until stench withers away. As mentioned, this does NOT occur with every machine purchased, but was reported enough to warrant mentioning.
  • Doesn’t work to full potential if room is over 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Ice maker does not act as a freezer; therefore, ice melts after a while. However, this is a fact of nearly all ice makers, portable or not.
  • Only a one year warranty (which is actually ample for the price).

Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker (IP210SS)

Summary of the EdgeStar IP210SS Review

Overall, the EdgeStar IP210SS Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker is a reliable, durable, inexpensive piece of equipment that can come in handy for the next time you would want some ice. One of the main reasons people like this product would be because of its easy to use functions and reasonable size. However, this ice maker does obviously have its flaws, but they can be easily overlooked. Its fair efficiency and quick tendency to produce ice cancels out its flaws, making this ice maker a good buy. While there is definitely competition among portable ice makers as you can see from our reviews, it is safe to say you would be satisfied with this model at the price point it is generally available for.

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