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EdgeStar IP210SS1 Portable Ice Maker Review

EdgeStar-IP210SS1-portable-ice-maker-reviewThe EdgeStar IP210SS1 Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker With Digital Display is an amazing machine, with so many cool and modern features it is truly unbelievable. The ice maker is something that can be useful in any home, and it will fit in with almost any kitchen decor with its stainless steel cover, and matching lid. It is easy to manipulate with its digital display that can change any setting, including the size of the ice cube you want to create. The machine is quick, small, clean, and attractive. That is attractive in looks, and price as it is a cheap machine as well. Definitely a suitable appliance for anyone. Anyone considering the EdgeStar IP210SS reviewed earlier should absolutely take this machine instead, as the price makes it a better buy! has the best price as you can see by clicking the image at the bottom.

Features Of the  EdgeStar IP210SS1 Portable Ice Cube Machine

As mentioned this portable ice maker is stainless steel which is a very appealing factor. The ice made in this machine is clear, just like most ice, and takes the shape of a ring, including the hole in the centre. The EdgeStar IP210SS1 is easy to use due to the digital display. The display is helpful to change the settings, like back light, ice cube size (small, medium, and large), and other things like how many pounds of ice that is going to be made.

The appliance can store up to two pounds of ice per round, and the melted ice gets recycled, and automatically goes through the ice making process again. Twenty eight pounds of ice can be made through out the day, taking up to twelve minutes per batch of two pounds to make.

The dimensions of the ice maker itself is 14  1/2”, H, 11 3/4” W, 14 1/2” long and it weighs just about 49 pounds. The ice maker is electronic, and use 115 volts of power. Only filtered water is supposed to be used in the ice maker, because the ice maker cannot automatically filter any water that is put into the machine. This EdgeStar portable ice maker only has a warranty of ninety days labour, one year parts. It has a one gallon water reservoir. All in all it makes up a pretty nifty machine.

Customer Reviews

Some customer reviews can be read on Amazon. Two of the most helpful reviews are:

“I find making ice the most boring and hated act I have to do in the kitchen. I wasn’t able to purchase a new fridge with the built in ice maker, so instead I looked up an ice maker on amazon. I really like the machine I purchased, the EdgeStar portable stainless steel ice maker with digital display. I think it so great because…(read the rest here)

The other review explains the cons of this appliance.

“I would never say that I hate my ice maker, although the first day of arriving my machine would not work. I had to call the manufacturer customer service and tell them of my problem. When I called and… (read what happened next)

This is only some of the reviews you can read on amazon, and it appears that in the end both customers were happy with their buy.

Pro’s Of This Machine

The EdgeStar portable stainless steel ice maker with digital display has many positive factors that are mentioned all the time. Some of the greatest pro’s will be mentioned below:

  • The ice maker doesn’t make very much noise while in use
  • The ice is made very quickly, in less than fifteen minutes.
  • It is small enough to fit on a countertop, leaving some empty space, or can be stored in a large cupboard.
  • It can be cleaned, and can be used right after cleaned when taken out of the box.
  • The ice made has no flavor.
  • The ice made is mostly solid.
  • More reliable and efficient that earlier models


Like everything in this world the ice maker has its negatives as well, although most of the cons can be ignored considering they only last a couple of days. The other cons are outnumbered by the amount of pros there are to this product. Some of the mentioned cons are:

  • The ice melts quickly (the ice maker isn’t meant to hold the ice like a freezer, although if ice maker is turned off it can hold the ice over night.)
  • After opened there is a lingering metal scent, that can effect the ice’s over all flavor. (This only happens for a couple days after purchase, and even then this doesn’t happen to everyone’s machine.)
  • Some complaints of damage through shipping. (This can happen to everyone, so buy from a reliable retailer like that offer easy returns etc.)
  • When running and out of water the ice maker makes a horrible rattling sound, and has to be completely reset after refilled.
  • The first batch of ice is very soft, and melts instantly. (The batches of ice made afterwards usually gets better.) This is due to refrigerant settling during shipping etc.
  • The ice sizes all look like the same size (This isn’t actually completely true, when setting the ice size to large you have to run the machine twice to get your desired size. The large ice is similar to the size of ice made in an ice tray.)

EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker

Summary Of This Portable Ice Cube Making Machine

Did you know that the EdgeStar portable stainless steel ice maker with digital display is ranked #16 in ice makers at And on that site the ice maker is given 3.8 out of 5 stars… not bad. To sum things up the ice cube machine is a very helpful appliance that anyone could happily own. The ice maker would be a good purchase, because it is affordable, small, easy to use and clean, and useful to have. Get your own EdgeStar IP210SS1 Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker With Digital Display by clicking the image above.

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