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Emerson Portable Ice Maker Reviews

While this specific section of Ice Maker Mania focuses solely on Emerson portable ice maker reviews, it is important to note that Emerson Radio Corp. is a huge company that provides an amazing array of electronics to consumers. In the consumer electronic industry, Emerson is very well recognized and respected trademark. The company was founded well over 60 years ago (1948 to be exact).

Small appliances like an Emerson portable ice maker are only a tiny fraction of what products the company distributes through various channels like retailers, discount merchants, mass product stores (Walmart and Target for example) and even the internet through respected names like Amazon. The companies primary focus is audio and visual products like DVD players, mobile stereos, audio equipment and accessories as well as televisions. The small appliances are products such as microwaves, toaster ovens, wine coolers and of course countertop ice makers.

The price point of Emerson products is generally in the lower end, with some moderate priced categories as well. They target their market and distribute their goods internationally. In fact, Grande Holdings Ltd, a company based in Hong Kong, is the majority owner of Emerson (MSN on the American Stock Exchange) common shares.

As far as ice cube machines are concerned, Emerson offers about 4 models of their IM90 machine. The machines, like most counter top ice cube makers, produce 9 pieces of ice every 7-12 minutes depending on the ambient temperature and a few other factors.

While 4 models doesn’t seem like much, the company is still very well known and the products are readily available across the US and internationally. For more information on each model, please read the Emerson portable ice maker reviews below.

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