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Emerson IM90 Portable Ice Maker Review

Emerson IM90 portable ice makerThe Emerson IM90 portable ice maker makes great and convenient ice whenever needed. The ice made is cute, as well as the machine. It runs nonstop until it fills the basket. It takes ten to fifteen minutes to make a batch of ice; time well spent when finally having the cool drink that you have waited so long for. The appliance is worth the low price, and worth the time. This product is near perfect.

Like most ice machines the Emerson portable ice maker has three size options, small, medium, and of course, large. The ice made in the machine is roughly the shape of a bullet, with a hole through the center. The ice may appear white, or clear. It is suggested to use filtered water in the machine for a clean and refreshing taste.

The machine its self is light weight, weighing only twenty seven pounds, and is pretty small with the dimensions of: 16.4 by 16.4 by 13.5 inches. The appliance is white in color, and has a removable basket that holds the ice after the ice maker has finished its cycle. Each round takes around ten to fifteen minutes, and makes about 2.2 pounds of ice. That means in one day you can make almost 26 pounds. Never will you run out of ice again.

Emerson IM90 Positives And Negatives

The Emerson IM90 we reviewed is truly great, so to list some of the main factors of the machines quality performance here are some of the pros:

  • Light weight. At 27 pounds it is lighter than many competing brands.
  • 3 sizes of ice which is really the standard.
  • Low price (although prices constantly change on Amazon, they are still low)
  • Ice is dropped into a removable basket.
  • Ice has no taste especially when using filtered water as recommended.

Then for the not so great features of this machine here are some of the cons:

  • Machine is loud when being used.
  • The plug for water drainage is very small so it takes a bit longer to empty for cleaning or storage.
  • Only comes in white. No other choice of color or styles.
  • Some complaints of the product breaking (this does happen to everyone who is shipping a product; it just depends on what type of day you are having. Still complaints about these types of things are usually worth mentioning.)

Consumer Opinions Of This Countertop Ice Cube Machine

To give an example of someone who loved their Emerson portable ice machine here is what they said:

“I needed ice, but I didn’t want to spend almost $200 for an ice machine, nor get a new fridge with the automatic system. At the time I ordered my Emerson countertop ice maker it was only $109. One thing I really love about the IM90… (Read More By Clicking Image Below)”

Then someone who wasn’t so pleased with their new appliance said…

“My product didn’t work at all since I took it out of the box, I called Emerson and they said they didn’t have a warranty on parts for people who are out of the U.S, and I live in… (Read More, Click The Picture Below!)”

And then there is somebody who can give you facts on how to make your ice machine work faster, and has some neat tricks on how to clean the ice machine:

“I live in an apartment, and desperately needed ice, so I figured I would purchase this wonderful Emerson IM90 portable ice maker. It works great, and produces fast. Here are some tricks to help you with any countertop ice cube maker… (Read More)”

The ice maker works for most people, but sometimes it is damaged through shipping. When this happens there should be a warranty on parts everywhere. Even so the product, just like everything else in this world, isn’t perfect. For those of who got their appliance in good condition love their ice maker. How could you not love something so efficient?

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Summary Of This Machine

To sum up the product really quickly, the Emerson IM90 portable ice maker reviewed here is a great, modern machine that can be added in anybody’s, and everybody’s home.  It is so great it ranks 10 on Amazon for ice maker appliances.  Despite the few flaws this machine may have, you get what you pay for. For reviews of lots of different small ice cube machines, visit our homepage. Enjoy your ice.

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