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Magic Chef MCIM22TW Portable Ice Maker Review

Magic-Chef-MCIM22TW-Portable-Ice-Maker-reviewsThe Magic Chef MCIM22TW Portable Ice Maker in White is a fantastic buy with its cheap price and quick ice making. This speedy machine is model MCIM22TW and works very efficiently while being able to be placed anywhere in your home, whether it be in the garage or on the countertop. Also, this portable ice maker is extremely reliable and works very well while making enough ice to use in a whole day in a quick three hours! It makes a lot of ice and it can make a cycle of ice within ten minutes which is very convenient on hot days when a nice, ice cold glass of water is needed. The ice produced doesn’t only taste good in water, either, it can also go in your alcoholic beverages, juice, or any beverage that you would like to be cooler.

You can also keep this Magic Chef ice cube maker in your vacation home so you won’t have to spend so much money on a fridge that has a built in ice maker, or spend so much time with ice trays. In a full cycle, that only takes ten minutes, nine pieces of ice are produced, and you can also watch the ice being produced through the see through window. Though there is only a one year warranty on this fine ice cube maker, it can last for over two years.

In about 24 hours, 27 pounds of ice can be produced, and with the handy reservoir the melted ice can be recycled to make more, so there is no need to drain the water out every time you would like to make a bunch of ice. However, if you do not like the idea of having your ice being made by the recycled water there is an easy to access drain on the side of the ice maker. You can find this machine readily available on by clicking the image at the bottom.

Features of the MCIM22TW Ice Cube Machine

Being approximately 14x17x16 inches in size, the Magic Chef White Portable Ice Maker weighs a mere 28 pounds which is very light weight compared to other ice machines we reviewed in its class! The ice cubes are all tube-like shapes with little holes through the centre, which allows the ice to absorb some of the flavor of your beverage so you have good tasting ice and a good tasting drink! A wonderful feature included would definitely be the amazing sensor it has that works by temperature. This sensor can decipher when to stop making ice when it hits a certain temperature, so there is no need for you to keep turning it on and off.

The MCIM22TW is not very noisy, which is simply fantastic. This quiet portable ice maker allows you to keep it on during the night (if you like a cold beverage in the morning) without being woken up by a ruckus.  You can keep the Magic Chef White Portable Ice Maker on for a whole year straight and it will still work efficiently the whole time! Also, the ice produced lasts quite a long time before melting down and being remade, which comes in handy if you are only a family of one or two like me and don’t always get to all of the ice right away. Compared to the other portable ice maker reviews we have the ice produced comes in the same three different sizes: large, medium, and small.

Consumer Opinions Of This Ice Maker

At Ice Maker Mania we always include some kind of consumer opinion or reviews for the machine we are currently reviewing ourselves. Here is one customers’ comments:

“I just recently bought the Magic Chef MCIM22TW Portable Ice Maker and found it to be a very dependable product that can make ice very well and efficiently. It fits on my countertop perfectly and is just so fantastic! I love this ice machine, especially with all of its amazing features such as…” (read more here)

Pros and Cons

Like all purchases the Magic Chef MCIM22TW White Portable Ice Cube Maker has its pros and cons. Some of its major benefits include:

  • How quickly and quietly it works while producing lots of ice at one time.
  • It fits on the countertop perfectly while looking great in the kitchen with its sleek, white outer appearance.
  • It works perfectly for over two years, regardless of the one year warranty.
  • Unlike many ice makers, this one does not produce ice with a metallic taste which is fantastic!
  • Cleaning this ice machine is also no problem since it is very easy to clean.
  • Best of all it can make enough ice in three hours to last you the whole entire day!
  • Lastly, a great benefit towards this Magic Chef Ice Maker would be how efficiently it works which makes making ice a lot easier, and a lot more relaxing.

However, all of the fantastic benefits aside, there are some cons with this ice machine.

  • Firstly, there is nothing to keep the ice cold so it obviously melts once being made, not right away of course, but it does eventually which then you have to wait another ten minutes for the ice to recycle, and remake.
  • Many people appreciate hard ice, but the ice produced in this particular ice maker seems a little soft which also makes it melt more quickly.

Portable Ice Maker

Summary: The End of Our Review

Overall, I find this ice maker a fantastic cheap buy with many great features which makes it worth while, as well as great shipping options. I would obviously prefer the ice to be a little harder, but I think all of the major benefits this ice maker brings can push the cons aside. The cheap price is shocking for such a great ice maker especially since it is so reliable. This product is a high and reasonable 4 out of 5 stars, which is so far the highest rated portable ice machine we have reviewed on this site. If you want a quality machine, the  Magic Chef MCIM22TW Portable Ice Maker is an excellent buy (click the above image for current pricing!)


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