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Magic Chef MCIM30SST Ice Machine Reviewed

Magic Chef MCIM30SST Portable 30 pound Ice Maker reviewIf you are looking for a quick, quiet, and efficient way to produce ice, the Magic Chef 30 Pound Countertop Ice Cube Maker, model MCIM30SST, is definitely the machine for you! This portable ice maker is set at a cheap price and is absolutely perfect for camping trips, parties, or simply home use. Its small, compact size makes it extremely easy to relocate and move to storage. Also, it fits perfectly in motor-homes and RV’s so you can have ice on any trip you take!

Making ice has never been so simple, all you have to do is fill the ice reservoir, plug your machine in and in a quick seven minutes 12 ice cubes are produced! This is more than most compact ice machines we’ve reviewed, as the common amount is 9 cubes at a time. This is a full 33% increase per cycle over other models like the Magic Chef MCIM22TW reviewed before. Also, if you do not want to wait for the short seven minutes, after the cycle of ice has been produced you can freeze the ice made in baggies and stick them in the freezer. This ice machine works brilliantly for over two years without needing replacing and is on sale for a great price (check that at Amazon by clicking the image at the bottom!). You can enjoy any beverage with any size of ice, whether it be small, so that you can chew on it, large, so that it cools off your drink faster, or medium, so that you can do either, chew on it or allow it to cool your drink quickly.

Some More Features Of The Magic Chef MCIM30SST

The Magic Chef MCIM30SST ice machine can produce 12 ice cubes in as little as 7 minutes! In fact, within 24 hours 30 pounds of ice can be produced. Hence its name Magic Chef 30 Pound Ice Maker. Also, this ice maker is quite a bit lighter than most portable ice makers weighing only 45.3 pounds! The light weight and small dimensions ( 14.9 inches x 17.1 inches x 16.9 inches ) makes the ice machine extremely easy to store away.

There is even an exterior drain that makes draining your access water easy to replace so that you can clean your machine. However, when you first receive your ice maker the first few cycles of ice it produces will have a plasticy flavour which is not very good. Though, that is easy to forget because of how quiet the machine is when in use! It’s like it’s not even there, and in one day the ice machine can actually produce enough ice to last you for a whole week!

Let’s Talk About The Pro’s And Con’s Of This Machine


  • Awesome looking stainless steel (which is what adds to the weight).
  • Very quiet! It is like it is not even there! Some other brands of portable ice machines reviewed are quite loud.
  • Works extremely efficiently, which comes in handy if you like lots of ice.
  • Can make a lot of ice in a day! More than enough, actually, as 30 pounds of the cold stuff is a lot.
  • The easy to access drain is convenient.
  • Definitely worth the money spent, as according to Amazon reviews it is rated one of the best countertop machines at 4.3 stars out of 5!


  • At first there is a plasticy (is plasticy a word?) flavor, so it takes a few cycles to get rid of it.
  • The ice maker is difficult to clean despite being easy to drain.
  • Not really a negative, but this machine is a bit more expensive than other Magic Chef ice cube machines and even other brands as well.

Customer Reviews Of The MCIM30SST Ice Cube Machine

“I leave this marvellous machine running 24/7, and it still works perfectly! I am amazed with its quietness and how efficient it is. In fact, one thing that MUST be mentioned is…” (Read the rest of this review here, at

“Since you have to let the ice machine sit for a few hours to let the refrigerant settle, I made good use of the time by…” (Read this tip here!)

Summary Of Our Review

Magic-Chef-MCIM30SST-OpenOverall, the Magic Chef MCIM30SST 30 Pound Portable Ice Maker is a brilliant machine that is fantastic for everyday use! You don’t have to wait anymore for your beverage to become cooler which is great! Also, this machine is rated an exceptional 4.3 out of 5 stars, which would be higher (possibly 5 out of 5) except some customer rated it a 1 since they had a defective part (extremely rare, but these things happen with any product!).

In fact, I am very pleased to have bought this ice machine. It works very well and comes in handy, especially when you go camping or throw a party. It’s a brilliant ice machine and though there are the few cons with it, the pros definitely make it better. The MCIM30SST countertop ice machine is possibly the best portable ice maker, and we will feature it in our comparisons soon!

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