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NewAir Portable Ice Maker Reviews

A NewAir portable ice maker is fast becoming one of the most popular counter top ice cube machines around. NewAir is a relatively young company, having been founded in 2002. The products they provide to consumers are all in the appliance category. They are definitely an industry leader when it comes to portable and small appliances that people use throughout their homes.

The young company takes pride in two important areas they feel they do well in. That is their customer service and the fact they make appliances like ice cube machines that are “built for your home”.

The customer service is truly great, in fact you can email them or even phone them and get all your questions answered by friendly, knowledgeable staff. The support staff are equally as helpful when you need some help with any of their small appliances.

Being “built for your home” means three things to NewAir. First that the portable or small appliance you purchase is easy to use. That includes ease of cleaning! Second is efficiency. All NewAir appliances, including the portable ice maker, are energy efficient. Last is style. Providing colors and styles to fit the small spaces of your home is what it is all about.

NewAir portable ice makers are proving exactly why this young company is an industry and market share leader when it comes to these compact and portable ice machines. They all look fantastic, make ice very fast (in as little as 6 minutes a cycle for some of the machines!), require very little maintenance  and of course can be placed virtually anywhere, like counters and tabletops.

If you are in the market for one these appliances, then make sure to browse Ice Maker Mania, and read all of the NewAir portable ice maker reviews we have below to help you decide which brand and model suits you best.

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