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NewAir AI-210SS Portable Ice Maker Review

NewAir-AI-210SS-ice-maker-reviewIf you are looking for a great, fashionable, sleek, portable ice maker, then the NewAir AI-210SS Portable Ice Maker With High Quality Stainless Steel Finish is probably your best bet. It is a very efficient little guy that works very quickly. It is actually flabbergasting at how wonderful this machine is! It is absolutely fantastic for outdoor use whether it be on your patio or out camping. In fact, it fits perfectly in an RV and comes in handy on nice warm days when a cold glass of water is really needed.

In a short seven minutes you and your friends can all have nice cold beverages whether they be alcoholic or not and the ice is fantastic. The ice comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. Large is actually the size of an average ice cube and all of the ice cubes are bullet shaped with little holes through the centre. The NewAir AI-210SS reviewed here is extremely convenient on hot days, especially if you live in a town where it is hot practically everyday. There are soft touch controls and an LCD monitoring device that makes choosing your functions – like when you would like your ice to start producing or the size of the ice – super easy. This compact ice cube maker offers worry-free use. Yes, there are other countertop ice machines for sale, but this is one of the nicest.

Features Of The AI-210SS

NewAir-AI-210SS-discountSilver and black stainless steel kitchen appliances are definitely “in” right now, and with the NewAir AI-210SS Countertop Ice Maker you can definitely achieve that fantastic look. A great thing about the sleek appearance of this portable ice machine is that it can make any kitchen look its best and can finish any incomplete kitchen theme. This ice cube machine weighs only a mere 46 pounds, which may I point out, is extremely light weight for an object that produces ice. It is also quite small in size being only 17 inches by 15 inches by 17 inches and gets the job done perfectly.

Also, did I mention that is is high quality? As mentioned in the name, the AI-210SS is a high quality ice machine that works efficiently for many years which is definitely a plus. It produces a decent 35 pounds of ice a day which is way enough for me and comes in handy. Each cycle of ice production makes enough ice for two large beverages that of course, have quite a lot of ice in them. Also, with the fantastic feature of an 18-hour timer you can set a time within 18 hours to turn on or start your ice maker to produce ice or to stop or shut down your machine! Now you won’t have to constantly get up to turn on and off your ice maker! Best of all, there is no permanent installation required!

Pro’s And Con’s Of This Ice Machine

First lets look at some positive aspects of this appliance:

  • No permanent installation required. With this handy dandy compact ice maker you do not have to install anything! You merely have to plug it in, add water, turn it on, and press start! Couldn’t be simpler.
  • Cheap. The NewAir AI-210SS Portable Ice Maker With High Quality Stainless Steel Finish is usually on sale for a discount price at (click the image at the bottom for details)
  • Easy to use. Setting up and starting this ice making appliance couldn’t be easier with the soft touch controls and LCD display monitoring. They allow you to easily and quickly choose your ice size, when you would like your ice to be produced etc.
  • Great appearance. With the fantastic silver and black stainless steel features it looks great in any home which is just perfect! It looks better than other NewAir Ice Cube Makers and nearly all of them look great.
  • Recycles the water. Water is pumped from the lower reservoir and produces the ice into the freezing tray at the top of the machine. It then drops into the ice basket where you grab your ice. If you do not grab your ice right away and it starts to melt the melted water then drips through the bottom of the ice basket and back into the beginning reservoir and restarts the whole cycle.

Of course there are some negatives as well:

  • At first there is a bad taste. When you first receive your ice machine the ice will taste very ‘plasticy’. It is advised in the instruction manual that before utilizing the appliance run the clean cycle once or twice. However, after doing so you will probably find that there is still that plasticy smell and taste to your ice. A good way to get rid of it is to first clean your ice maker with baking soda then leave the box of baking soda in your ice maker over night.
  • Does not store ice. To many this flaw may be disappointing. The NewAir AI-210SS does not store ice in any way. In other words, once the ice is produced, if not used right away, it will melt. If it melts it of course will be recycled to make the next batch of ice, but to prevent wasting ice or your machines “energy”, you can always put the ice produced from your ice maker into Ziploc baggies and stick them in the fridge. That way you will not even have to wait the short 7 minutes for your ice cube maker to start producing.
  • A bit too noisy. This device doesn’t bother me when it comes to noise for the most part, however if it is running during the night or during a movie you will find it slightly disruptive.

Customer Reviews and Reports

Social validation can be found reading others peoples reviews. Here are some handy excerpts:

“ I have found a problem with the machine because of the fact that it is a bit too noisy if I’m watching a movie or something. However, if you put that one flaw aside this ice machine is outstanding and phenomenal! It’s quick, efficient, and well, portable. In fact it’s so great that…” (Read what is so great by clicking the image at the end)

“ This compact ice cube maker does as advertised, and perfectly. It is truly a brilliant machine and looks absolutely perfect in my kitchen! I have gotten so many compliments on it mostly because…” (Read more reviews by clicking the picture below)

Summary Of This NewAir Appliance

Overall the NewAir AI-210SS Portable Ice Maker With Stainless Steel Finish is a very durable, efficient ice maker. It works exceptionally well and is overall a very decent machine. Considering its great tendencies to work well and its cheap price for the quality I would say that this ice machine deserves an easy 4 stars out of 5, and that is precisely what it is!

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