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NewAir AI-100BK Portable Ice Maker Review

Newair-AI-100BK-ice-makerThe NewAir AI-100BK 28-Pound Portable Ice Maker, in black, is a stylish kitchen appliance that produces ice all the time. With its beautiful shiny black coat the ice maker looks great anywhere, and everywhere. It is very quick, easy, and has so many features. This review will explain some of the best factors of this ice maker, and then more because there is just so much to talk about when explaining this wonderful appliance. This review will include things like its features, cons, productivity, pros, dimensions, and a whole bunch more so that you can decide what you like about the machine. Then it will help you make your over all decision in whether or not you want it.

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Features Of The  AI-100BK

As mentioned the NewAir AI-100BK is black. Hence the name, which makes it kind of obvious.

It is a matte black with a white border around the lid, and control paneling. Speaking of the control paneling it is an LED control that is super easy to use. The control allows you to change your ice into three different sizes of small, medium, or large. The machine is also portable, with the dimensions of: 14.5 by 11.8 by 15 inches.

For such a small unit it is almost surprising that it can make up to 28 pounds of ice a day. In order to keep ice it is a good idea to put the ice, after the cycle is finished, into a Ziploc bag and then store it in your freezer until the ice is needed. The ice maker is not a freezer itself, but the removable basket on the unit sits right above the water reservoir, so when the ice melts it goes back through the ice making process again.

Like most common ice cube makers, 9 cubes are made by the machine per cycle, in a cylinder shape with a hole through the center. Yet another cool feature of the ice maker is that it has an indicator light so that when the ice basket is full the light lights up so you can empty the bin and add more water to the water reservoir.

It seems what turns customers off of an ice maker the most is what noise the product makes. It does so happen that compact ice machines can be very loud and obnoxious, and nobody wants that. Considering this, it is lucky that the NewAir AI-100BK ice cube maker makes hardly any noise at all. While the ice is being dropped into the basket you may hear the light clinking noise it makes, and while the ice freezes along the 9 rods inside the appliance some dripping may be heard. Other than those quiet noises nothing else can be heard at all.

Some Pro’s And Con’s Of This Ice Machine

The AI-100BK is a pretty great appliance to add to your kitchen (we got ours from Amazon, you can as well by clicking the image at the bottom), and although you may have an idea of what the ice maker is all about I have listed some of the greatest features below:

  • Hardly any noise- well that is except for a very quiet dripping, and clinking
  • Easy to use LED control panel- It lets you change the sizes of the ice
  • Empty water reservoir- and now you will always know when your ice maker is in need of a refill.
  • Ice scoop- You need something to scoop the ice, too know that that is one less thing to buy is great.
  • The melted ice automatically goes back through the ice making process, this means no drip board is required.
  • Always makes enough ice!
  • Very quick- It takes 6-11 minutes depending on the size of cube.

And now for the cons:

  • Breakage- This is constantly added to reviews although it really just depends on the shipping.
  • There is a one year warranty on the item, but you have to remember not to contact Amazon rather than the manufacturer of whom supplies the product. In this case it is NewAir. Of course as mentioned before you can buy from the manufacturer at (just click one of our links)
  • Bad pump- Issues with the pump have been reported, but it is okay because not only is it an easy replacement but the warranty covers it as well.
  • When put in freezer the ice sticks, but if left out it melts quick.
  • It doesn’t take to hard of a hit to break the ice apart though, and besides if you do leave the ice in the basket to melt it is recycled, and remade into ice.
  • Wet ice melts quickly- The ice is some what wet, and it also has a hole through the centre.
  • Although the hole is attractive it causes the ice to melt faster (but cools the drink quicker as well) and the ice being wet also causes the ice to warm up quickly.

Customer Reviews And Opinions

To get an idea of what customers on Amazon think of the product here are some examples of what was said:

“Not bad, I love the black in my kitchen, but the NewAir AI-100BK was a little bigger than I expected. Sure it is still compact and portable, just a little larger. On the bright side I avoided the problem by…” (Find out other tips by clicking the image below)

No real faults with that happy customer, and  another review that can be read said:

“I truly adore this machine. I decided to give it a shot after reading some of the other reviews, and I quickly realized that this is the machine for me. It is perfect. My family uses lots of ice, so they always grab at the ice when it drops in the basket, oh and I almost forgot to mention that…” (Read this important fact by clicking below)


This attractive machine makes attractive ice in an attractive amount of time. The NewAir AI-100BK Portable Ice Maker is one of the fastest and most efficient NewAir ice cube makers yet. The matte black look is perfect for any modern kitchen. If you like ice, then you will love this appliance.

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