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NewAir AI-100S Silver Ice Maker Review

newair AI-100S silver ice maker reviewThe NewAir AI-100S Silver Ice Maker is a reliable, stylish countertop ice maker that can make up to 28 pounds of ice a day! It is a model AI-100S ice cube machine and is on the market for a great price. The removable ice bin makes it simpler to clean and the side drain is very convenient for draining melted ice to add more water. In fact, there is no installation required for this portable ice machine, all you have to do is plug it in, add water, and wait for the ice to be quickly produced within a mere 6-15 minutes.

The NewAir Silver Ice Maker is a dependable, reliable, beautiful machine that looks fantastic in any home, RV, or boat! It is easy to store away and easy to use with its push button controls that are LED and allow you to choose between three sizes of ice of which one you would like to be produced. The ice produced comes in small, medium, and large. Each cube is a cylinder-square with a hole through the middle.

The ice production is definitely great and the fact that this ice maker is certainly compact and easily transportable with its mere 24.3 pounds in weight makes this machine worth while. So does its cheap price and free shipping included (click the image at the bottom to see the great price and free shipping options), as well.

Features Of The NewAir AI-100S

This NewAir countertop ice machine is very light weight which allows it to be portable, and is only 15 x 12 x 15 inches in size. This ice maker is fantastic for anything from kitchen use and parties to camping in your RV or Motor-home. It has a nice LED control panel that allows you to choose from three different ice setting so that your ice can be the most enjoyable possible.

Another fantastic feature of the NewAir AI-100S is the fact that its sleek style makes it look good anywhere. In your basement or entertainment room, in your kitchen, on your deck, in your motor-home, anywhere! This ice cube maker is silver, as mentioned in the name, which makes it match practically anything. The ice produced by this machine can be made within a quick 6 minutes to a slightly longer 15, not bad though if you consider how long it would take to make ice cubes with a daft ice tray. That would take three or four times as long compared to this speedy ice maker. The New Air Silver Ice Maker is a dependable little guy and is on the market for a reasonable, cheap price.

Do The Positives Outweigh The Negatives?

Breaking down the pro’s of this machine:

  • Light weight making it much easier to relocate. It is called portable afterall!
  • Dependable, very few issues and rarely quits working.
  • Easy to use with its LED control panel.
  • Fantastic for everyday use and for camping, entertaining, etc.
  • Looks wonderful in any home or anywhere, as most ice cube machines made by NewAir do.

And now let’s take a look at what are considered the negative or con’s of this particular compact ice machine:

  • Is quite noisy, which can be very disrupting. Only while actually producing ice of course.
  • Regardless of its removable ice bin, this machine is still difficult to clean.
  • Could be a little faster: 15 minutes is a little long to wait, but that has a lot to do with ambient temperature as well.
  • Only works efficiently for about a year before needing cleaning which as mentioned is a chore.

Consumer Opinions Of This Countertop Ice Machine

Of course getting the opinion of other customers of the machine is a great idea:

“My family and I take this ice maker whenever we go camping or on our boat and it has served us well. I love the NewAir  AI-100S ice maker because…” (Read The Rest Here)

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Summary Of The NewAir Silver Ice Maker

Overall, though a little noisy and slow at first, the NewAir AI-100S Silver Ice Maker gets the job done and does it well. It works wonderfully for the most part and has come in handy for many occasions. In the summer this machine gets used well worth its money. This ice machine is a very reliable, dependable ice maker and if you are searching for a fantastic ice maker for a cheap price, this is the one for you. Free shipping makes everything even better and as promised, this ice maker is 100 percent portable and very light weight that it can be carried practically everywhere. Also, as promised, the New Air Silver Ice Maker produces nice, cold ice.

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