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NewAir AI-100SS 28 Pound Portable Ice Maker Review

newair-AI-100SS-portable-Ice-Maker-reviewIt can make ice faster than ever before, never again will you run out of ice because this machine is so quick, and so efficient, definitely a product worth having. So what is it? It is the NewAir AI-100SS 28 pound portable ice maker, in a stainless steel design. So attractive, efficient, and convenient. It is definitely worth the buy. In this review I will explain how to use this unit, and I will tell you why it is  so special.

Features Of The AI-100SS

To begin with the NewAir AI-100SS is stainless steel, light weight, and small. All of which you can gather from the name. The compact ice maker has other great qualities too though. Some other countertop ice machines we review come with back lights, ice scoops, and digital displays. But let’s take a look at the convenient things this product has includes:

  • An easy to use LED control panel- and this control panel allows you to change settings, like what ice cube size you want to make. You can chose from three sizes, small, medium, or large. Medium is most common, and large is approximately the size of which is made in ice trays.
  • Full basket indicator light- When you have made enough ice to fill the removable basket on the ice making unit a light lights up to indicate that the basket needs to be emptied before the machine can continue the ice making process. Sometimes if the ice isn’t level the machine stops its cycle until you get the chance to either level the ice in the basket or empty the basket completely.
  • Melted ice gets ‘recycled’- When the ice melts in the basket before being used the water gets ‘recycled’ where it automatically goes through the ice making process again Window- there is a window on the top lid of the ice maker so that you can watch while the ice is being made and dropped into the basket.
  • Price – This ice cuber maker is affordable, you can check the current price at by clicking the image at the bottom of this review!

There are more features of this NewAir ice maker as well that help make it different from the similar NewAir AI-100S reviewed here. Some of the best things about the ice cube maker includes:

  • Stainless steel- The stainless steel finish is easy to clean and great to look at. It doesn’t rust easy, and it matches almost any room theme, also it can be put inside or outside because of the durable metal.
  • Light weight- the ice maker only weighs 26.3 pounds.
  • Small dimensions- the dimensions of the ice maker is: 14.5 by 11.8 by 15 inches. A good size to make lots of ice, and still fit in a large cupboard or on the counter.
  • Makes 28 pounds of ice a day- It can make that much ice if the ice maker is in constant use and being constantly emptied of old ice, and the water reservoir is refilled.
  • Very quick!- it takes 6 to 15 minutes per cycle of ice.
  • Attractive ice- The ice is clear and take shape of a cylinder with a hole through it. It takes a shape like that so that there is more surface area and it cool drinks quicker even though it also seems to melt faster than a solid cube.
  • 90 day warranty on the product.

What About The Negatives And Positive Factors Of This Ice Cube Machine?

As you can see from reading our reviews, there are a lot of great things about NewAir portable ice makers. Some of the pros of this particular machine include:

  • Quick ice
  • Works 24/7
  • Ice has no taste
  • Ice is attractive
  • LED easy to use control panel
  • Stainless steel
  • Can be cleaned
  • Makes 28 pound of ice a day
  • Just needs to be plugged in and it works, no installation necessary.
  • Machine is small and light weight cheap and cost effective efficient, and convenient for ice lovers.

So as you can see there are a lot of great things about this product, and i have only listed some of them. The list goes on. There are some cons to the product as well though although some of them can be ignored.

  • After 90 days the product no longer has a warranty.
  • There have been some complaints about breakage of the system.
  • If the inside of the machine isn’t cleaned and has no test run where the ice is thrown out right away before the first use, then there may be a lingering plastic and metal scent on the machine and ice, maybe even effecting the flavor of the ice.
  • The machine sometimes makes sudden loud and obnoxious noises.

That is all the complaints and cons I know about of this product.

Customer Comments And Reviews

Here are a few customer opinions on this model. Be sure to read them!

“I got my machine after a long wait and was very excited to try it for the very first time, of course when I did try it it didn’t even work! Nothing happened. Broken right out of the box! I decided that I would contact NewAir about my problems and you WILL NOT guess what happened!” (Read what happened here)

Damage in shipping is always possible, and others seem really impressed with the NewAir AI-100SS 28 pound portable ice maker, stainless steel model. An example of a very happy customer said:

“ I am really excited about my new ice maker. It worked right away after I got it, and hasn’t stopped since. I always have lots of ice for me, and my family too. In fact…” (Keep reading here)


To sum up this brilliant this product it rated a 3.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. A pretty impressive ranking, however it isn’t reflective of the quality of the machine. At Ice Maker Mania we would rate this machine a 4.5! Lots of people seem really impressed with there new ice maker of which works 24/7. It is stainless steel, portable, fast, and efficient. It has all the qualities and features you would look for in a countertop ice cube machine. You can compare the prices between Amazon and Air-n-Water by clicking the respective images below!

Cheap NewAir AI-100SS

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