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Sunpentown IM-101 Countertop Ice Cube Maker with LCD

IM-101-countertop-compact reviewThe Sunpentown IM-101 Portable Ice Maker with LCD reviewed here is a remarkable ice making machine. It is affordable, and well worth its price. It holds more ice than most modern machines, and makes more ice per cycle as well. In this review you can learn all about this unit. I am certain you will be impressed, for it is surly a wonderful appliance to add to any modern kitchen that is in need of ice. You can not go wrong with the Sunpentown unit, it is too reliable and efficient.

Features Of The IM-101

This ice cube maker is outstanding. It is very efficient, and has a 1.2 gallon water reservoir. This means it can make a lot of ice! 35 pounds of ice a day to be exact. Per every 10 minute cycle approximately twelve ice cubes will be made. This is above standard, for most machines take the equivalent amount of time, and only make 9 ice cubes. In the end I ensure you that the extra 3 cubes per those ten minutes really add up. Another cool thing about this specific ice making model is its high efficiency, free CFC- compressor. As you can see, for such a low price, this machine is beyond extraordinary.

Like most other portable ice cube making machines, this one is light weight, and fairly small having the dimensions of 17.1 x 15 x 17 inches. It has a sleek silver body, with a matching shiny lid. As you can with most other cube maker’s, with the Sunpentown IM-101 portable ice maker you have the choice between 3 ice cube sizes. Small, medium, or large. The ice is very attractive too, coming in a small bullet shape, with a long hollow hole through the centre. The ice maker doesn’t require any installation either. Just plug her in, fill the water reservoir, and you are ready to go.

Any Negatives With This Machine? How About Positives?

This great machine has a long list of great characteristics listed below:

  • Very quick- it makes 12 cubes in 10 minutes.
  • Holds a lot- 35 pounds.
  • Fits on a counter top- dimensions= 17.1 x 15 x 17 inches
  • 3 size ice options- small, medium, large
  • Has a sleek silver coat- silver matches everything
  • Inexpensive
  • Fairly quiet- every machine makes a little noise, and compared to some units this one doesn’t make any at all.

Now for the cons:

There really is only one major con, and that is the horrible stench and taste of the ice for the first couple of days of usage. It tastes a lot like plastic, and the smell lingers for a couple of hours, to days. A good suggestion in order to avoid this is to clean the ice maker thoroughly with lemon juice, or vinegar, and warm soapy water. Let the ice maker have one or two test cycles that you throw away instantly, and then try out the ice.  It is very important to continue cleaning the machine every couple on months after usage, for this will ensure you reach its one year warranty.

There just so happens to be one other con about the ice made in this machine. It melts rather quickly. The basket on this machine, like pretty much all compact ice makers, is not a freezer though, so if you are looking to save ice put it in a freezer bag, and put it into the freezer. If you do not do this right away though, the ice cubes are rather wet, and will likely stick together. With a little hit on the edge of a counter or something the ice should break apart, and be ready to cool down your drink.

Opinions And Reviews Straight From Real Consumers

If you are wondering what some of the owners of this model had to say about the Sunpentown IM-101, read the abridged customer reviews below:

“I was a bit worried before buying this ice maker, but turns out it works great! I plugged in my ice maker right away, cleaned it out, filled the water reservoir, and let the machine do its thing. It worked great, and has ever since. When i got it I did have a problem with the lingering stench though, I solved it by…” (Read the rest by clicking image below)

If one simple customer review isn’t enough to satisfy you, you can read another below:

“My countertop ice maker came roughly two months ago in the mail, and it hasn’t been a problem so far. I cleaned the whole machine, and I didn’t get any stench, or funny taste with my ice. The maker was very quiet, and the machine was really quick. I put all the ice in bags, and then into the freezer, so the only thing I have to say about the machine is that I wish the ice produced wasn’t so…” (Click The Image For More)

And so both customers were very happy, and I am sure you would be too, especially since this unit ships directly from Amazon which means there is usually FREE shipping! Check it out!

Sunpentown IM-101 countertop ice cube maker Price and free shipping


All in all, the Sunpentown IM-101 Portable Ice Maker with LCD is everything any customer should look for when thinking about purchasing an inexpensive, yet quality type machine. This unit has everything any ice making appliance should, and then extra. The unit itself is attractive, and so is the ice that is made. Choose from any three sizes, what ever for your taste, pop it into your drink, and keep it cool and fresh.

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