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Magic Chef MCIM22TS Portable Ice Cube Maker Review

Magic Chef Ice Maker Silver MCIM22TSThe Magic Chef MCIM22TS portable ice maker is a product worth adding to any modern home. People like to have ice, but the process of making ice isn’t always an enjoyable one. To make ice with a portable ice maker though, it can completely change anyone’s thoughts on ice making.  This Magic Chef ice cube maker is very popular, very useful, cheap, cool, and has a countless amount of amazing features. Looks good, works great. What else could you ask for?

This Magic Chef countertop ice machine reviewed today is also known as MCIM22TS. It is stainless steel and has a window on the lid so that you can watch the machine make ice. On top of that, it also has back lights, and lights inside this appliance.  There is a side drain near the window on the ice maker. It is one of the most popular Magic Chef countertop appliances available.

Some Specifications Of The  MCIM22TS Reviewed Here

The compact ice maker makes three sizes of clear, donut shaped ice. The ice is mostly dry, which is great because this way the ice seems to last longer. Since ice doesn’t last forever though, when the ice melts it will be put through the ice making process again. Per cycle about nine pieces of ice is made, it works fast, and in twenty four hours twenty seven pounds of ice will be made, that is if you continuously empty the ice bin, and fill the water reservoir. The water reservoir is located underneath the basket.

This ice machine weighs 31.2 pounds, and has the dimensions of: 17 by 16 by 13.5 inches. It has a fourteen day return policy, and a warranty of one year. As gathered from the name it is a Magic Chef appliance. At the time this review was written the product cost was $200, which is a bit more than some other brands of countertop ice machines we’ve reviewed.

Included on the ice maker is a water/ice level indicator. On the front face of the machine there is an oval shaped control pad, of which you can change ice cube size, backlights, and other things.  The appliance runs off of 120vAC, and 160 watts power. No water hook up is needed to attach to your ice maker, it gets plugged in. The machine can work for a long amount of time, and is very useful.

Pro’s And Con’s Of This Compact Machine

To state my case here is a list of pros that have been taken from this ice making product:

  • The product never stops working as long as water reservoir is filled, and ice basket is emptied.
  • A bag of ice can cost up to $4.00, the machine quickly pays itself off if you purchased lots of ice!
  • Ice can be put in zip lock bag, and kept in refrigerator or freezer to load up.
  • Because of ice shape it takes up more surface area, and therefore cools your drinks faster.
  • Makes 27 pounds of ice in 24 hours (so if you like to use lots of ice never will you run out)
  • The ice looks attractive rather than the usual appearance with other machines
  • The ice has no taste, it is pure.
  • The ice is dry (deeply frozen), and lasts longer
  • The machine is stainless steel
  • The machine can be washed

Some of the cons worth mentioning are listed below:

  • The machine can get very noisy!
  • Sometimes the lights blink randomly which can be annoying
  • Ice sizes look mostly the same, not much difference at all
  • You might have to run one clean cycle before using the machine for real.

Consumer Reviews Of This Magic Chef Appliance

You can read a customer review on how noisy the machine is on Amazon:

“The machine works, it makes ice very quickly, but it also makes ice very nosily. At night time it freaks everyone in my household out, can hardly sleep. Although the ice is good the noise is… (Keep Reading This Review)”

Some people hardly notice the noise, especially when the countertop ice maker is put outside, which some people like to do with their machine:

“I don’t even remember how long I have had this machine, 2 years maybe. It still works great, although it stays on my deck all the time. I live in Arizona, and it gets really hot outside, and the sun beats down on my ice maker, but the machine still works. The amount of ice it produces is great because… (Read More)”

Magic Chef Price


The Magic Chef MCIM22TS ice machine came out in September 2010; the model works great, and is very efficient. The ice maker is a cheap and worthy product. The stainless steel look can make any home complete. Face it everyone likes ice, and the ice made in this appliance is beyond perfect. As far as Amazon Reviews goes, it gets a very solid 4.3 stars out of 5, and is priced great!

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