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NewAir AI-200SS Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker Review

newair-AI-200SS-portable-Ice-MakerMaking ice has never been so easy than making it with the NewAir AI-200SS Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker! This ice cube maker makes it so that there is no effort in producing ice, whatsoever, and the ice comes quickly. You will no longer have to take up a bunch of space in your freezer for those annoying ice trays! This portable ice machine is easy to store, and when on your counter it takes a very little amount of space. The NewAir AI-200SS  is also great for camping or everyday use. It fits perfectly in any RV and looks great in any home.

This model is available at online retailers like However, you can buy directly from the manufacturer as well. The benefit of that is free shipping (on returns as well), excellent support, and bundles of free information. They almost always have a coupon offer for great discounts and more. I suggest you check them out first for the best deal! Look here:They offer price match guarantee as well.

Features Of This NewAir Appliance

The NewAir AI-200SS ice machine is a light-weight ice maker that produces up to 30 pounds of ice each day. Also, cleaning it has never been so easy with its sleek stainless steel finish and small size.

This ice cube machine stands at 14.2 inches x 16.9 inches x 16.8 inches and weighs a hefty 37.3 pounds, but that still makes it quite easy to relocate. Another feature includes how it has a pump housing and compressor system that allows it to last for many years. In order to make producing ice the easiest it can possibly be the machine has a soft control panel that allows you to select through small, medium, or large ice and start your production easily.

As mentioned before, there is no other ice maker that can possibly be better for using outside and inside. Also, unlike some other ice machines by NewAir that only produce between 6 and 9 ice cubes in 10 minutes, this ice cube maker produces 12 ice cubes in 7 minutes! This appliance is obviously a very fast and efficient ice maker and produces the best ice.

No drain is required for this ice making appliance because when the ice melts it just falls back into the reservoir and recycles to produce more ice with little effort. The reservoir is larger than most other compact ice cube machines, holding approximately one gallon which allows you to produce more ice at once.

It is slightly more expensive than the similar model AI-210SS reviewed here.

Positives and Negatives To Consider

Now lets take a look at the pro’s and con’s of the NewAir AI-200SS. First the good points:

  • Ice production is fast and efficient, and best of all, automatic.
  • This makes it so that you never have to get up, start the ice maker, and sit back down just to get back up in 7 minutes. Instead, you just get up once the ice is produced!
  • This ice maker is easy to clean which makes life so much easier! Instead of standing there struggling to clean it and get all of the stains off, this ice maker is stainless steel so there is absolutely no struggle!
  • There is a viewing window so that you can see how much ice is available without having to interfere with the ice production.
  • The NewAir Portable Ice Maker has a great look to it making it look lovely in any home or RV etc.

And now for the downside:

  • Ice tastes like rubber at first use. After using it for about a week, however, the plasticy and rubbery flavor goes away.
  • Regardless of the promising long time use, it only lasts at most, two years.

Consumer Reports And Opinions

Here are a few reviews given by people who have bought and used this particular machine:

“I found this ice maker to be absolutely fantastic. I purchased it at first for road trips in the RV, but I have found myself using it for everyday use, now. It is so efficient and its stainless steel finish makes it have a very professional look to it. In fact…” (Read the rest by clicking the image below)

“Though this ice maker is loud, I still find it to be a great purchase! It pumps out ice ever few minutes and the ice is fantastic! I now, without a single struggle, have ice whenever I want it! Producing ice has never been…” (More reviews can be seen by clicking the image below)

A Quick Summary Of The AI-200SS

Overall, the NewAir AI-200SS Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker is a reliable way to get all of the ice you would like and works very efficiently. Even though there is the rubbery and plasticy taste at first, there are some techniques that can surpass this flaw and make your ice taste as good as ever before. If you do not work it too hard, this ice maker can last longer than stated, and until it dies out it is a hard working little guy. In conclusion this ice maker has a great price and decent ratings at online retailers. For the best cheap price and great shipping options, click the link to below. Make sure you look for offers (like using the code “savenow” to save up to $25 instantly!)


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